A Lesson In Inclusivity: The Hijab Incorporated Into The Scottish Police Uniform

Scotland is a country that is diverse and full of culture. With the increase of citizens who are Muslim, the Scottish police are now including the hijab as part of their uniform.

There has been an influx of female police officers who are Muslims, and this addition to the uniform gives them the option to wear their hijabs when on duty or not.

The wearing of religious headgear was allowed to happen because the officers, whether male or female, always had to get permission from their superiors first. However, with this new ruling, the police officers do not have to consult their superiors on whether to wear the hijab or not.

The Scotland Police is following in the footsteps of the London Metropolitan Police, who have been having the hijab as part of their uniform for over ten years now.

The inclusion of the hijab in the Scotland Police uniform is the right move towards encouraging Muslim women to join the force. Many young girls who are Muslim will be able to see that being in the Scotland Police is a career option for them thanks to the uniform being inclusive.

With this news, the Scotland Police increased its recruitment of Muslim, Asian and black candidates. Records have shown that the number of such candidates has increased significantly since the announcement.

Such improvements have upgraded how the Scotland Police works with the community, especially in areas where Muslim, Asian and black communities are concentrated. It has also encouraged many from these communities to apply for candidature in the Scottish Police force.

Inclusiveness is a must in our society, especially now when the world is becoming a global village. We have different communities living in a country or city and they should not feel excluded from services or getting jobs because of their religion.

When this ruling was announced, many people welcomed it.

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