All About The Scottish Police

The Scottish Police all fall under 8 different forces in Scotland. They all have responsibilities towards the country and local government. The Scottish Police fall under 3 authorities, namely the Secretary of State for Scotland, the Chief Constable and the Police Authority.

The Police Authorities in the force has the responsibility of appointing officers from Assistant Chief Constable and any other rank above that. They also have a responsibility of allocating the necessary budgetary resources, manpower, office block and gear in their area.

Chief Constables have the duty of running operations conducted by police in the area. At the end of the working year, the Chief Constable has to create a report for the parliament and the public, detailing the policing that went on in the area, and how the force performed generally against the set goals.

There are those sent by the Secretary of State to visit the various police forces in the country and inspect how efficiently they are being run by writing a report for the Scottish Parliament, and they are known as Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Constabulary.

When it comes to the financing the police force in Scotland, it comes from both the local and central government.

The Scottish Police have various duties to uphold when in the force which are stated in The 1962 Royal Commission Report. Some of them are to maintain law and order, preventing crime, detecting criminals, controlling road traffic, carrying out the Government’s bid and so on.

The Scottish Police operate under three main divisions namely traffic, criminal investigation and uniformed operations. In special cases, there are some forces that have police dogs, under-water and mounted gear in their stations.

The Uniformed Police branch work to maintain a general sense of law and order in the area by preventing any crime from happening to protecting the citizens and their properties among others. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) investigates crimes and the Traffic Department handles traffic road safety and put in force the traffic laws.

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