Casino Slots Games with Police Themes

The police and the world around the police have always been fodder for great television, movies and now slot games. The following are some the most world-renowned online casino slot games with police as its main theme.

Cops and Robbers

I mean this is a game that even children play in the playgrounds. When the game loads, one will see a brick wall, with five steel reels and barbed wire on the reels. The game has 9 paylines on the 5 reels each holding 3,000x. The game has features such as police cars, robber, handcuffs, paintings, vaults, jewelry boxes among others and has some significance throughout the game as you play. One goes through 3 components when betting; the lines, the coins and the value of the coins. The scatter is Cops and Robbers is the Police Car.

Crime Scene

Be a detective with this slot game which takes you to a crime scene (hence the name) and gives you a chance to put your thinking cap on and figure out what happened there. Taking from many stories of police crime scene investigations, you get many twists in the game. It has 15 paylines, 5 reels and a cash payout of $7,500. There are features such as handguns, special glasses, and toolkits among other investigative tools featured in the slot game. There are 30 folders, all with different pieces of evidence requiring you to choose one as a helping tool in solving the crime.

The Wild Chase

This slot game is all about robbers entering a vault to steal the loot and then are ambushed by the police leading to a wild car chase. The graphics are awesome where the wild car chases down twisty roads and its 25 lines are just a plus for the game. The slot game symbols are an added feature with the men and women looking lifelike and other features such as watches, car keys, diamond rings among others feel like the real deal. Play a great game of The Wild Chase to enjoy its features, graphics and the cash payouts.

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