Scottish Police History At Glasgow Police Museum

Anyone who has a great interest in the Scottish police will have a field day at the Glasgow Police Museum. This is where all the records of the heroics of the Scottish police, the villains of Scotland, and the history of the Scottish police is well documented and curated.

It not only invites foreigners, but also encourages the locals to come and learn about the police in their city. If one is lucky, they might run into one of the many old-time police who have had a great impact on the Scottish police. Impressively, some of them actually work in the museum. They add to the authentic feel of the museum with their real-life stories and encounters.

The Glasgow Police Museum was opened by a group of police officers who felt that it was about time Glaswegians knew the history of the Scottish Police, especially in Glasgow.

The museum was first based in the Central Police Headquarters when it was opened in 2002. In 2009, it was moved to Merchant City Bell Street which is its current home.

History buffs will enjoy looking back at the Glasgow police. Visitors will learn about John McAulay, who was a World War 1 hero while still retaining his police status. Inserts of the first dogs that were recruited into the force will add an happy factor to the whole visit.

The museum also features some of the prolific cases the Scottish police had to handle. One such case was that of Peter Manual, a serial killer who garnered up a lot of interest from the Scottish people.

The museum holds an impressive collection of police badges and uniforms from around the world. Some of these items have been shipped in from other countries by visitors who came to the museum and noticed that their uniforms are missing from the museum.

Visiting the museum is free. The museum relies on donations to keep it running.

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