Scottish Police Tactic of Not Using Guns

The American police force can learn a lot from the Scottish police who, together with their British counterparts, do not use guns when there are confrontations in the street. In recent years, there has been much collaboration between American and Scottish police which aims to change how the American police handle gun cases.

The Scottish police have always used spoken communication in curbing tense situations. There was a convergence of over 125 police officers from all over America in Scotland who got trained on the Scottish police way of handling situations.

Many American officers talk about using maximum or lethal force in handling a situation whereas in Scotland, the term used often is to mitigate a threat. A total difference in how these two different forces handle cases.

The Scottish police have stressed to their American counterparts that it is okay to pull back if need be to lessen the tension in a situation. Coming with force to a situation will only add to the aggression the perpetrator has which will counter what one needs at that time, to resolve any situation peacefully.

A country such as Scotland has dealt with dangerous knife-wielding assailants and they have more often than not always been able to subdue such assailants by using their non-aggressive approach.

The type of character an individual has when entering the police force is also imperative to how they react when faced with a tense situation. Entering the force merely to have a job and because you can go through the training process will not take a person far. One has to have the conviction and heart of someone who wants to help people to be able to deal with the kind of everyday tense situations an officer faces in his line of duty.

Scottish police’s way of handling tense situations has seen them being asked to visit and train people in faraway lands such as Malawi.

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