Scottish Police To American Police – How Not To Use Deadly Force

The American police force has always been astounded by how the police in Britain do not use guns or excessive force in volatile situations. In Britain, more specifically Scotland, the Scottish police rarely walk around with guns.

The Scottish Police work with the strategy of diffusing a situation by talking it through rather than waving around a gun which more often than not adds to the tension of it all.

Some American police officials visited a town north of Glasgow for a meeting with some Scottish police officials to discuss Police Scotland’s choice of not carrying a gun when on duty.

For the most part, the American officials wanted to know how they managed, and if there was ever any grievous incidences from not carrying a gun. According to records, there has not been any death since 1994, and most of the time, the situations is usually resolved without any problems.

Excessive use of force in America has led to many people in the community not trusting the police. There have been huge protests against them in America, and this has prompted officials from major police headquarters in the nation to seek the help of Scotland Police on handling confrontations.

Scottish police noted that racially motivated incidences with citizens are not something they encounter that much.

The Scottish police handle confrontations with citizens by altering how they think, and the way they handle the situation by eliminating the use of guns and brutal force.

In one of the sessions held by the Scottish police, the Americans had first-hand experience on the equipment they use which include batons and pepper spray. They also use “tactical withdrawal” as a way of easing down on confrontations on the street.

The American officials are working on how they can shift the way they handle confrontations by how they think about certain cultures, improve on their tactics, and train accordingly.

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